Xiaomi Redmi 9 Power – What Can It Do For You?


The new hottest gadget in town is the new version of the successful Chinese phone maker, Mi Pad. And just like any new product from China, it comes with its fair share of marketing jitters. It was not one of the earliest models to enter the market and many consumers are not too happy about the fact that it lacks some of the features of its predecessors. It is here that we find the Mi Pad’s twin brother, the Mi Pad 2, which has all the features of its sibling with the addition of a few unique features of its own. So before you buy this second version, you need to know what you should look for in it before plunking down your hard earned money. xiaomi redmi 9 power

Before anything else, let us look at the specification of the new handset. Like its predecessor, the Mi Pad 2 has a dual screen feature. It comes with a large 4.7-inch screen and a slightly larger, 2.5-inch screen. Both the screens have been enhanced through the use of Pencil Type technology, which gives them a crisp touch response. For those who want a bigger display, they can go in for the taller and larger screen of the Mi Pad 2, which helps make it much easier to use. In terms of the connectivity, the two smartphones are compatible with each other, and this further adds to their connectivity options.

As for the camera, the Mi Pad has an eight megapixel camera, which is not as powerful as the one found on the iPhone, but it does work quite well in low light situations. On the other hand, the power saving capacity of the device is considerably low, resulting in frequent power shut downs when the need arises. This is one downside of thexiaomi redmi 9 power, although it does help that it runs on a single charge, rather than the constant charging of the iPhone. In terms of the battery life, the handset lasted up to 7 hours and a half on average.

When it comes to features, the xiaomi redmi 9 power has all that you would expect from any modern smartphone. There are Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, which has made it easy for people to wirelessly connect to other devices. It also comes with a high-speed cellular network, known as HSPDA, which makes it easier for you to surf the net and update your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The battery life of the smartphone lasts up to twice as long as that of the iPhone, which means that you can use it for longer stretches during your day without worrying about running out of power. In addition, the xiaomi redmi 9 power also boasts of a fast charge support, which further boosts its connectivity capabilities. Users can get an average of ten hours of talk time on a single charge, which is far more than what the iPhone can manage.

On the camera front, the xiaomi redmi 9 power is equipped with a number of features, including an auto-focus optical image stabilization, a panoramic mode, and a digital portrait mode. This smartphone also boasts of front-facing touch display, which makes it easier for you to launch apps, as well as text and email to your friends on the fly. Another interesting feature of this handset is the Live Contact button, which lets you instantly send an email to a specified contact. This handy function makes it possible for you to respond to any question immediately.

With the help of an efficient dual-core processor, the xiaomi redmi 9 power offers smooth performance every time. In addition to this, the phone features an enhanced memory, which helps you store more images, videos, songs, and applications. The phone also comes with a free virus scanner, a neat security pin, and a battery that lasts twice as long as that of the average mobile phones.

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